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Criminal Case Investigations


At, we provide a dedicated detective, or team of private detectives, to gather the evidence needed to support your criminal defence. Investigations shouldn’t be left to harassed solicitors who are already juggling huge case loads and often can’t devote the time and energy needed to make your case a priority.

At, your dedicated investigator focuses all of their time, attention and skill exclusively on your criminal defence investigation to get the results you need quickly, effectively and discretely. We guarantee that from the moment an investigator is assigned to you, they make your case an absolute priority.

Using time-tested methods our experienced private detectives can investigate criminal matters in far more detail than the police or solicitors have either the time or resources for. Don’t leave it to chance. Give us a call now on +91-9648064184,7080509100,7017464123,7887291777 to find out how we can start work on your criminal defence investigation today or visit our contact page contact.

Our bespoke Criminal Defence Investigations can gather the evidence to prove your innocence in a court of law.

Whether facing criminal or civil charges or planning to appeal an existing conviction, can gather the evidence you need to prove your case beyond doubt. For those facing criminal charges, sometimes proving innocence can often seem an insurmountable and overwhelming task It needn’t be. Let our experienced team of private detectives do the hard work for you. To find out how we can help with your criminal defence investigation, give us a call now for an informal, confidential chat, visit our contact us pagecontact.